Is Your Carpet Too Old?

Posted on 26. Jul, 2017 by in Home Care & Improvements

old carpet

One of the home repairs or upgrades that homeowners put off is purchasing and installing new carpet. The main reason is the cost. New carpet is very expensive and something many homeowners don’t want to pay for unless they have to.

The good news is that carpet will last a long time if it receives the proper care and attention. This includes routine vacuuming and scheduling deep cleaning one time every year (or more). Learn the benefits of professional carpet cleaning here.

But over time, the carpet will wear down and simply becomes too old for cleaning and too old to leave in your home. Most carpet does not retain its quality for more than 10-15 years. Here is how to tell if your carpet is too old to restore or leave in your home:

Signs Your Carpet is Old

Flat Fibers

Inspect the surface of the carpet and see if the fibers or strands are flat or buoyant. Brand new carpet should be very resilient and buoyant. Older carpet is much flatter and worn down. If the stands of carpet on the surface are lying flat or don’t rebound from foot traffic and other pressure, this means the strands are old and the wear is irreversible.

Carpet Bubbling

You might notice a bump or a hill in the middle of wall-to-wall carpet. This is called carpet bubbling. Healthy carpet will lay flat from wall-to-wall whereas older or unhealthy carpet will start to bubble in the middle. This usually occurs because the pad underneath the carpet has worn down and created an air pocket, or bubble, between the carpet.

You can get carpet bubbles from new carpet if the installer did a poor jump and sometimes it occurs if the carpet is very wet. But if the carpet is dry and was not installed recently, the bumps are a good indication your carpet is too old to restore and should be replaced.

Carpet Browning

If dark stains or brown spots reappear and remain on the surface of your carpet, it means the carpet pad is no longer stain-resistant. If the carpet gets wet, the pad absorbs it and then evaporation pushes the brown water to the surface of the carpet. Reoccurring and old carpet stains are a sign that the carpet can no longer fight off staining or be 100% clean from a professional service. This is especially common for polyester carpet due to its construction from recycled crude oils.

If you notice these signs in your carpet, we recommend replacing it with new carpet. This is because older carpet is not visually appealing, nor is it comfortable or padded. The older the carpet, the more likely it is to retain dirt, dust and allergens and create an unhealthy environment in your home for you, your children and your pets too.

Your wallet might not love it, but you will be happy once you decide to purchase new carpet and see it installed throughout the floors in your home. This will create a colorful, clean and fresh atmosphere for you to live in.