How to Prevent Ice Dams on Your Roof

Posted on 06. Nov, 2017 by in Home Care & Improvements

ice dams

Ice dams are some of the most troublesome situations for homeowners in the winter season. They are a harmful combination or poor ventilation in the attic and cause more damage to roofing. If ignored so long, they can cause serious damage to insulation, paint, gutters, and roof as well as to interior drywall of the house. Hence, it is really essential to take preventive measures on time to save your house on time.

Causes behind the occurrence of Ice Dams:

When the snow starts melting from upper areas of the roof due to an increase of temperature in your attic, it leads to the formation of ice dams. This situation causes water flow from the top of the roof towards the ground but due to low temperature in the environment, it freezes down again on the way creating an ice dam. When this ice stays so long on the attic, it may cause leakage into the attic with the slow melting process. That is why professionals often recommend using proper insulation arrangement on your roofs.

Create proper ventilation:

One of the most powerful solutions against Ice Dams is to use proper ventilation on roof deck so that heat can be taken out and it can stay cold inside. It is believed that ventilation arrangement helps to maintain proper airflow in the roof area so that it can stay safe from the creation of ice dams.

Prefer to use roof rake:

If you live in an area that often suffers from heavy snowfall then it is good to use a roof rake to avoid ice dams. It can help you to take away some snow from roof edge so that it cannot create ice dams due to a temperature increase in the attic.

Take help from professionals:

The ultimate solution to avoid ice dams is to call professionals in your area to take all preventive measures with right procedures. They can help you to solve all troubles so that your house can stay safe in the winter season. These people have so many special equipments and tools to manage the situation so that snow can be taken out carefully from the roof.

Winter season can be full of fun but only if you have proper arrangements to stay safe from its harmful effects. Prefer to be careful even before the season arrives and take some preventive measures:

  • Make some efforts to ventilate the ridges and eaves so that it can circulate cold air into the attic and maintain the desired temperature to prevent ice dams.
  • Create a proper heat escape with the help of weather-stripped caps that are generally made up of foil faced foam board. You can use them easily with the help of aluminum
  • Add proper insulation to keep your attic free from heat. Also, ensure complete fire safety in the area.

All these steps can help you to maintain a low temperature in the attic. Prefer to stay in contact with professionals to avail right guidelines for complete details. Right procedures and right tools are key to success for home safety.