Types of Tools for Carpet Installation

Posted on 15. Sep, 2017 by in Home Care & Improvements

carpet tools

If your carpet is too old and unsalvageable from hiring a steam cleaning service for carpet cleaning, you will need to replace it. This means you will need to purchase and install new carpet. You can hire a professional carpet installer or you can attempt to install the new carpet on your own.

If you decide to attempt to install carpet on your own, you will need to purchase a few tools in order to ensure the project is a success. You will still save money overall when compared to hiring a professional.

Here are the necessary tools for carpet installation:

Linoleum Knife

You want a sturdy and sharp linoleum knife to cut through the old carpet for removal and for cutting the appropriate sizes from the new carpet rolls from the store. You can purchase a linoleum knife at most neighborhood hardware stores.

Seam Roller

A seam roller is necessary to meld separate pieces of carpet together after the two pieces are attached at the seams. This will conceal the seal for a more seamless appearance across wall-to-wall carpet.


Carpet Tape

This type of tape is used beneath the carpet on the underside and it is stretch out across the seams of the two pieces of carpet you attach together. The carpet tape should not be visible after the installation is complete.


These two carpet installation tools are used to firmly press the carpet down along the walls of the rooms in your home. You do not want carpet bubbles or bumps to occur in the middle of the floor so these are two of the more important tools for this project.

Power Stretcher

This is the signature and most essential tool when it comes to installing wall-to-wall carpet in a room. You cannot complete the project without this tool. It is possible that the hardware store will have a power stretcher to rent but if not you will need to purchase one. The tool is responsible for stretching out the carpet across the entire length of the room to ensure it is flat across the surface.

Large Magnet

The large magnet is used to remove all of the old staples from the previous carpet after you remove them from the hardwood or subfloor beneath. You can also use the magnet as a weight to press down on the new carpet seams and to flatten them across the length of the floor.

Bonding Iron

A bonding iron is uses heat to seal the seams of carpet together and remove wrinkles and ripples across the seams of two pieces. Be careful with this piece of equipment as it operates at extremely high temperatures that could lead to painful burns.

Additional tools you will need that you might already own are a staple gun, a hammer and tack strips. These can all be purchased online or at your local hardware store for a relatively minimal cost.

If you decide you do not want to purchase all of the tools above, you might consider hiring a professional for carpet installation to ensure the job is done 100% correct as carpet is not cheap and you want the job to be done the right way.